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Abstract Background

GP Federations have been established by GPs to support General Practice and facilitate the transformation agenda in health and social care in a primary care setting. There are four GP Federations in the Northern Trust. Each Federation has been established as a clinically led not-for-profit Community Interest Company.  Through the pooling of resources and working at scale,  this makes possible the provision of services which would not otherwise be delivered at individual practice level. The Northern GP Federation supports 73 GP Practices across the four Federations which collectively cover a patient population of approximately 470,000 patients.  Antrim Ballymena Federation, Causeway Federation, East Antrim Federation and Mid Ulster Federation.


The work of these Federations is supported by the Northern Federation Support Unit (NFSU). Northern FSU has been designed to provide Federation members with support, advice and expertise in the design and delivery of service provision.  NFSU functions include central management expertise, planning, accounting, communication, corporate governance, human resources and the delivery of a range of services on behalf of Federations. The core purpose of NFSU is to ensure that clinicians are free to focus on ensuring that they provide the best clinical outcomes for their patients, while improving the quality of care that they receive.

Professor Rafael Bengoa produced a report on the radical reform of Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care system with huge emphasis being on a patient-centred service delivering improved outcomes for our communities.  GP Federations first emerged in Northern Ireland in May 2014 with the emergence of Down Federation in May 2014.  In the years since, many more GP Federations have been developed as a result of Professor Bengoa’s report and recommendations.  Currently Northern Ireland has 17 GP Federations, providing high quality care to approximately 100,000 patients per Federation.


GP Federations and Federation Support Units have been established in North, South, West and East of Northern Ireland.

Working together.  
Working for GPs.
Working for you.

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Enabling better general practice.


We aim to become, the leading GP Federation Support Unit in Northern Ireland, enabling clinical innovation and development in General Practice, to deliver excellent patient care in our local communities.


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  • Ownership – Encourage a sense of belonging and pride.

  • Leadership - We value and support the development of credible Leadership at all levels

  • Communication– Acknowledging that both verbal and nonverbal communication have an important role to play.  Being open and honest, encouraging others to voice their concerns and share their ideas.

  • Teamwork – Recognising the skillsets that colleagues have to contribute in achieving great success

  • Development - Foster a culture of learning where individuals can unlock their potential and continue to grow.


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  • Working together - to find customised effective solutions to complex problems.

  • Awareness - Being vigilant towards potential opportunities and unforeseen problems.

  • Creative – Having the ability to pivot and move forward in a new creative direction to support General Practice

  • Quality – Continually improving staff and services to deliver the highest quality patient care.

  • Courage– Having the self-belief to be ambitious in our targets & believe in our ability to deliver.


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  • Transparency - Being honest and transparent in all our dealings which builds a positive culture.

  • Consistency - Consistent behaviour in a manner that supports our values.

  • Equality & Fairness – Treat others as we would like to be treated.

  • Respect - Act in a kind and compassionate manner

  • Accountability - Have the humility to uphold our Values and take responsibility for each of our actions.


Northern FSU values_white.png
  • Collaboration – Strive to work in partnership with Colleagues in a manner that respects and values others ideas.

  • Enabling - Empowering others through education and engagement.

  • Structure - Build upon existing structures and work to enhance and strengthen processes.

  • “Learning & Enabling Culture” – Failure is an event not a person; learn from it and use as an opportunity.

  • Enhancement of Primary Care based services.

  • Celebration - Sharing Good News & Celebrating Success, big and small wins.

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