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GP Fellowship Programme

The 23/24 GP Fellowship regional programme runs for 1 year and is for newly qualified GPs. This programme initially commenced in August 2019 and was designed as a Fellowship model for Northern Ireland and is funded by SPPG.

Why was it established?

The Fellowship model was designed to enable a group of GPs early in their career to gain experience of a leadership and quality improvement role within General Practice. The GP Fellows are provided with the opportunity to carry out clinical sessions, gain experience in an area of specialism, access to leadership development and coaching sessions which are facilitated by key leaders in Primary Care from General Practice.  

Training for medical professionals

How does it support GP Practices?

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The Fellowship model enables newly qualified GPs to gain an increased understanding of the NI Health and Social Care system and produces new GPs with an enhanced knowledge, skills and experience of Leadership and Service Development. The programme also gives an opportunity to secure potential future leaders of NI General Practice who will help lead and transform Primary Care Services for the better. Clinically they provide support to a practice working at 60% WTE in surgery, which reduces pressure on a practice. 

Medical Specialists

The Future.

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We recently have welcomed 4 GP Fellows to NFSU who commenced their posts as part of the 23/24 cohort.  Moving forward, we are keen to maintain and grow this programme even further (funding dependant) therefore, we encourage our stakeholders to advise any potential further applicants of this programme.  When the relevant time comes to advertise for our next cohort of GP Fellows we advertise on our website and social media platforms.  We are always looking to further develop our talent pool of applicants.

Hospital Employees

What does the GP fellowship programme involve?

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Specialist Interest Development

Participants have the opportunity to develop specialised skills in areas such as Dermatology, MSK, and Education through the General Practice Elective Care Service Clinics (GPECS).


Clinical Work

Fellows receive guaranteed clinical sessions arranged by the Practice Improvement Crisis Response Team (PICR) in various practices, providing valuable hands-on experience.


Leadership Development

The program offers leadership development opportunities, including involvement in service redesign, management tasks, project work, and access to mentorship and coaching sessions. 

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